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About Giving

For our community of students, teachers, and alumni, both past and present parents to continue to thrive we ask you to carry forward the generous spirit of the thousands of supporters who have taken us to this point with a financial gift to one of the following areas: All contributions are gratefully acknowledged in the school's Annual Report.

Gift Matched

If your company has a matching gift program, you can double your gift to Etonkids. Check with your Human Resources Department for forms and instructions.


Gifts-in-kind are non-cash gifts of physical property or services. Examples of gifts-in-kind include, but are not limited to books, supplies, equipment, artwork, and furniture.

Credit Card Gifts

Etonkids accepts Visa and MasterCard. In order to make a gift using a credit card, you must provide the gift amount, card number, expiration date, security code, and name as it appears on the card.

Contact Information

Adress:No.10 Dong Feng South Road Chaoyang District, Beijing

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of stock are welcomed.Please mail a check made payable to Etonkids.

Endowments and Scholarship Funds

Etonkids’ endowment, like endowments at most independent schools, is a collection of various restricted and unrestricted endowment and scholarship funds. While endowments are established through sizable initial gifts, they may also grow through smaller, ongoing gifts from other supporters of the school.
Etonkids’ endowment funds provide financial assistance to qualifying students, support faculty development, and sustain curriculum and programs.



The Annual Fund is Etonkids’ first philanthropic priority,it is Etonkids’ giving priority and provides direct funding to educational initiatives that tuition alone does not cover.

This fund supplies a specific percentage of each year’s budget and pays essential costs of the day-to-day operations of the campus including faculty salaries and health benefits and educational programs. The Annual Fund is accumulated and expended in one fiscal year providing a ready stream of vital funding. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide the School with the resources needed to meet budgeted expenses, acknowledging that tuition dollars alone cannot cover.