Dear Parents and Children:

Welcome to Etonkids Education Group!

We aim to be China’s leading institution of early childhood education through providing outstanding learning environments and

methodology which reflect our unique heritage; to be a family-focused school in which parents are active partners in their

children’s education; a school that embodies a century of proven Montessori philosophy and practice; and a school that

constantly enhances the lives of students and their families through dynamic classroom curricula and enriching family-focused

programs. The Etonkids essence in found within these commitments and in our core values found on our school seal: Creativity,

character, and culture.


We strive to be a community of understanding and support, one of openness, where friends gain better understanding

of themselves and others, and where all are encouraged to explore and ask questions. In helping students realize

their physical, social, and intellectual competencies, we hope to build a community of learners who truly

care about one another and for the environment we all share.


We firmly believe that the education and management system we provide can meet the needs of the various stages of your child’s growth 

and development.


A love of learning starts at Etonkids..

Admission Process


How large is an Etonkids campus?


Etonkids campuses come in different sizes—we welcome prospective parents to schedule a visit to your campus of choice to see for yourself!


What are the different types of Etonkids kindergartens?


There are four types of Etonkids kindergarten campuses:

1) International Campus: The main language of instruction is English, and the child’s primary teacher is a native English speaker.

2) Bilingual Campus: Instruction is done in both Chinese and English (about 70% English, 30% Chinese). While your child will have an English specialist present at all times in the classroom, the lead teacher is a native Chinese speaker who will conduct some of her lessons in Chinese, but will also use English throughout the day.

3) Huizhi Campus: The primary language of instruction is Chinese, with native English-speaking teacher visiting each class once a day for English lessons.

4) Huile Campus: The language of instruction is Chinese, with no dedicated English Specialists.