Etonkids Parents Academy





Etonkids Parents Academy (EPA) is hosted by the Etonkids Educational Group and is the first program of its kind specifically designed to provide parents with international-level training in early childhood educational philosophy and practice. EPA offers parents a fully rounded and practical learning experience that enhances their own knowledge of early childhood education and how to best to help their children succeed. 



Etonkids Parents University Program Schedule


Session 1(November 22)


Topic: My child is starting school 


1. A child’s typical Etonkids day

2. Dealing with separation anxiety

3. Building good life habits 





Session 2(January 10 )


Topic: Cultivating EQ in children 


1. The crucial importance of EQ 

2. What exactly is EQ and what are its two components?

3. How Etonkids develops students’ EQ

4. How to develop your child’s EQ at home

5. Building EQ best practices  



Session 3March 2014)

Topic: Rules and norms for home and school











Session 4April 2014)

Topic: Using “traffic light” learning in the home


Session 5May 2014)

Topic: Using positive language with your child


Session 6June 2014)

Topic: Foreign language learning at home







To learn more or to register, visit or call: (10) 56812603                                            


Our Principal 

Justine Zeng


Justine is a graduate of Canada’s Laurentian University where she earned her MBA. She was previously a trainer at Cegos Beijing branch, which is Europe’s top provider of professional training. 

Justine has been a lead trainer with Etonkids Educational Group since 2011 and in 2013 was selected to head Etonkids Parents University due to her unique background in both management and education. She has two children of her own and holds a passion for early childhood learning. In 2013 she earned her American Montessori Society (AMS) teaching credential.