Mommy & Me at Etonkids

Through a variety of fun and social activities, Etonkids’ Mommy & Me program gives your child unique opportunities to develop language and social-interaction skills, build physical dexterity, explore the senses, and make strides towards independence and the ability to adapt to new environments. Our early education experts carefully design Mommy & Me curriculums and activities with three specific goals in mind for your preschool age child:

(1) To help your child acclimate to the school setting so to lesson the anxiety that children often experience when starting school full-time.

(2) To give your child the chance to work alongside other children of various ages to build communication and social skills.

(3) To allow your child to explore and benefit from the Montessori environment and the unique lessons contains in the various Montessori learning materials.

Mommy & Me is currently held at the following Etonkids campuses. Call today to register.
1) (Beijing) Olympic Village Campus       Tel: 010-84371006

2) (Beijing) Datun Campus                      Tel: 010-84805535
3) (Beijing) Ocean Landscape Campus   Tel: 010-68615600

4) (Nanjing) Cofco Campus                      Tel: 025-52756484