This is what a class

[ 2013.10.08 ]

A classroom should be a place where everyone — students, teachers, those already part of the learning community, and those new to the community — all enjoy a safe environment with freedom to explore. Only in this type of classroom do people feel it's OK to try new things, to make discoveries, and to make mistakes. This is how learning takes place and where children experience the true joy of learning. A classroom is where we experience different approaches that merge in developing our intellect, communication and problem solving skills. As teachers, our role is that of a guide, a partner and an observer. In the classroom, most important is what the child does, not what is done to the child. Given the chance, a child loves to take initiative, and through this comes self-reliance and self-control. Children love concentrating on each task at hand, discovering its inner-workings and how to solve the problem it presents. This is what a classroom should be… This is an Etonkids classroom.